Freeway is available for the US, Canada and Mexico.

Freeway provides exceptional performance, advanced drive time analyses, seamless nationwide and cross-border analysis capabilities, and is updated with the latest roadway systems


Freeway is a high performance drive time generator which can produce drive time polygons or origin-destination drive time tables under varying traffic conditions.

For end-users, Freeway comes bundled with a fully-integrated MapBasic application that interfaces directly with MapInfo or is available as a stand-alone which can generate polygons either in MID/MIF or Atlas BNA formats.

For developers, Freeway includes the full API specification, enabling the rapid integration of the system with either mapping or market analysis applications.

The Challenge:

Finding the “right” site can be a time-consuming and nerve-racking process.

Market researchers routinely evaluate market potential and site selection suitability by examining local demographics, competitor locations and logistical factors within a proposed trade area.

Defining a proposed trade area based on traditional radial ring studies can cause significant errors of omission and commission, and can lead to poor sales potential and site selection decisions.

The Solution:

Applied Spatial Technology’s Freeway Drive Time application uses sophisticated spatial analysis technology to more accurately define trade areas based on travel time from a proposed site.

Freeway can be used to produce:

  • polygons representing the area which can be driven from a specified point within a specified amount of time under user specified traffic conditions
  • point-to-point drive times between a single origin and single destination point
  • tables of drive times between a set of one or more origins and a set of one or more destinations

Freeway comes packaged with roadway systems derived from the latest US Census Bureau TIGER or OpenStreetMap (OSM) databases.

Freeway is available as a standalone Windows application, as a MapBasic application for MapInfo Professional, or as a callable DLL for developers in 16-/32-bit Window applications.

Freeway comes packaged with seamless nationwide roadway systems, and uses an innovative compression routine which maximizes performance.

Freeway North America provides seamless cross-border and within-country drive time analysis capabilities for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Freeway is fully documented and is designed for the end user.

Freeway calculates drive times quickly and efficiently, and provides flexibility for user specified road conditions and speed limit assignments.

Freeway requires only 120mb for the entire United States plus Puerto Rico. Freeway Canada requires approximately 35mb of disk space. Freeway North America uses less than 150mb of disk space.

Freeway is available to end users through AST’s reseller network. If you are an end user interested in purchasing a copy, contact AST for more information.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an AST Reseller, contact AST.

Freeway Drive Times

Dallas, TX – 10 Minute Drive Time

Memphis, TN – 10 Minute Drive Time

Lake Charles, LA – 10 Minute Drive Time

Morro Bay, CA – 5 Minute Drive Time